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White part of a robotic product used for arm aid



Happy to see you here! On this site you can find information about Tendo AB, the product as well as the team behind it. Tendo is a design driven Nordic company, based in Lund, that develops robotic medical aid for people with gripping limitations. 


The first product is made to assist a person to grip, hold and release objects by pulling artificial tendon - like a puppeteer. It’s specially made for people who struggles with everyday activities due to e.g. a spinal cord injury. 

Robotic illustration with the word Tend on the torso

robotic aid

A minimalistic aid that gives artificial strength and is controlled by intelligent sensors

Hand showing the ok sign

Truly wearable

By only involving one or two fingers, we reduce the size and weight, making it truly wearable

heart shaped symbol which resembles two hads together

for people

... not symptoms. Offers independence both in- and outside of a users home

hand with a device strappedto the wrist

the product

Want to know more? Check out the menu "Product" or click on the link below


About 5 % of the western world population suffers from a limited hand function. By combining the best from design with innovative  robotic technology, Tendo can enable people to regain their independence. The product is still under development (see more details under About Us).

Our first product version is made specifically for people with high spinal cord injuries. We are constantly searching for user input and if you would benefit from our solution, and are open to giving us feedback - Let us know!

Illustration of a head and upper part of the spinal cord with an injury at one place


Spinal Cord Injury (SCI)


Do you want to have information in different languages? We have some of the information available for you in Swedish and Danish! 


Klicka här för förklaring på Svenska / Klik her for forklaring på dansk.

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